Samuel S. Fels Fund


Tim Murray, Proposal & Budget Officer

Tim spent the early years of his career in arts administration and managed a regional theater company in Boston. After obtaining his MBA with a concentration in Healthcare and Finance from The Wharton School, he worked in health care banking. His career in philanthropy began at the Pew Trusts where he joined the program staff in Health and Human Services, concentrating primarily on community development programs and support for several long-term institutional capacity building initiatives in Philadelphia. He also spent a number of years working in the Finance and Administration department. Following his tenure at Pew, he worked with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Grant Reporting Unit where he documented lessons learned from the Foundation’s multi-year national health care initiatives. At the Fels Fund, where he has worked since 2003, Tim combines his financial and program experience. Many organizations know Tim for his efforts to understand their stories through the lens of their budgets and their financial histories.

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