Samuel S. Fels Fund


Our Beliefs


The Fels Fund’s mission is to improve conditions and opportunities for communities that are marginalized in Philadelphia, and move us towards a more socially, racially and economically just society.


We envision a day when all Philadelphians can live full, meaningful and dignified lives as valued and contributing members of our diverse and vibrant city.

investment portfolio

We believe that to help build a more socially, racially and economically just society, we need to go beyond our grantmaking. Grantmaking utilizes just five percent of our financial assets. The other 95% is invested, so we have committed to better aligning our investment portfolio with our mission. This includes:

  • investing in companies that align with our areas of funding focus
  • divesting from companies that actively work against our mission
  • utilizing screens for governance, diversity/inclusion practices when selecting investments
  • considering opportunities to invest locally

Currently the Fels Fund has invested nearly half of its assets in a combination of mission-aligned and socially responsible funds. By 2025, the Fels Fund aims to have 100% of its assets aligned with its mission and/or invested in socially responsible funds.