Samuel S. Fels Fund


Philadelphia Folklore Project

Philadelphia Folklore Project works to sustain vital and diverse living cultural heritage in communities in our region through collaborative projects, research, documentation and education, prioritizing folk and traditional arts in service of social change. PFP offers exhibitions, concerts, workshops and assistance to artists and communities; conducts ongoing field research into community-based local arts, history, and culture; and collaborated to produce arts education programs that give young people opportunities to study with amazing and diverse artists.

Scribe Video Center

Scribe Video Center uses digital media as an artistic means for creative expression and as a tool for progressive social change. Scribe provides training in all aspects of film, video and audio production. Welcoming of everyone, they intentionally reach out to those whose voices and perspectives have been mostly absent from media – people of color, women, youth, elders and those with limited financial resources.

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture offers language, art, music, dance, literature, and natural environment of the Arab world. Al-Bustan promotes cross-cultural understanding among youth and adults of all ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds through artistic and educational programs. Al-Bustan supports the pursuit and affirmation of Arab American cultural identity, while playing a constructive civic role within broader American society.

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